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About Us

Our Story

Our story begins in 2006 when pastry Chef Eliana Campos Berry opened her first bakery, Pastelería Eliana. Chef Eliana's dedication to creativity, flexibility, proactivity, resilience, and quality proved triumphant, and Pasteleria Eliana quickly saw astonishing success.


Following the growth of her first company, Chef Eliana's middle son Mauricio found it necessary to incorporate additional brands and companies to address the diverse demands of developing, manufacturing, and distributing of food products.


In pursuit of unifying these diverse entities under a coordinated foundation, MAUSAC GROUP was born.


MAUSAC GROUP remains a family-owned company that thrives on Chef Eliana's original path of joy, excellence, partnership, innovation, and quality. While nurturing its current holdings, it aspires to pave the way for future brands and companies that can provide new solutions to evolving market demands. Every step of the way, MAUSAC GROUP is led towards success by the original virtues that Eliana baked into her very first cake.

Our Mission

We strive to expand, optimize, and integrate our brands and companies for them to reach their highest potential.

Our 5 Principles

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